Split Personality- English Teaching.

5397fed9-0247-41e9-9c0c-3ecc97b60052As most modern teachers will know to seem most desirable to a school and to achieve getting a placement you need to have multiple skills. One of the skills that is expected from you is to have two KLA or Key Learning Areas. For me, my second teaching area is English.

As I continue my final placement of my degree in the area of English, I reflect on how much these two subjects; Drama and English are interweaved. Really they are like two peas in a pod!

When planning for my final placement I was asked to plan a sequence of lessons around William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Which, if I am honest was a true blessing! The first thing I thought about was- Shakespeare was an actor, and he wrote his plays to be performed. How was I going to change my perspective¬† from a Drama teacher? When in actual fact I didn’t really need to, not drastically. It became less of- How would you show how this emotion to the audience? What is he actually saying? and became more- What is he saying? Why did he say it this way? What does it mean? The same principles of reading and interpreting Shakespeare were all the same. But I had a chance to make it more interactive. The students were a little hesitate to start but they really enjoyed reading out loud. Most of my activities were around Character relationships which they enjoyed, I think the problem was some English teachers really dread teaching Shakespeare but I think it can be fun and by embedding some fun and informing them of the plot line they can really embrace the language and how topsie-truvie and poetic the language actually is!

I am so grateful for this experience. It really affirmed my love and passion of English and Drama and opened my eyes to how much these two subjects are really two peas in a pod!




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