Playing the waiting game…


Being patient can be hard, and in teaching I have found that patience is a true skill to have. Students can push you to the brink of no existence, they are teenagers we have all been there. But I think this is a skill in teaching I have developed and was very much documented in my prac placement reports.

But! Waiting to know what happens when you have completed all your units, got your qualification and waiting for a position can be extremely tough!! Not knowing what is coming next is hard especially when you are a forward planner like most teachers are.

I have definitely struggled with this over this summer and it is only December! It hasn’t even begun. As I was going a little stir crazy I meet up with a mentor and a dear friend to me. She gave me some advice I would give all graduates, she said to me that you have something truly special to give to a community and good things come to those who wait.

It is hard but if we wait, good things will come.. So I continue to wait and develop my patience skills.. If you’re struggling with something similar I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment



  1. Same thing here! I’m going back to the UK in late January so haven’t got a job to go to yet. Looks like relief teaching will be the order of the day, but the uncertainty is tough. I just want to get cracking and NOT be the newbie anymore!

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