Teachers Toolkit




As I come to a close of my final placement, hopefully graduating at the end of the year I feel as though my teacher toolkit is similar to this picture. So big that it falls off my shoulders as I carry it to class, so big that I will forget what is in the bag. That the responsibilities of a teacher are huge! I will continuously will be taking them with me where ever I go, into the classroom, down the hall, in the car park, in the super market to my house. I find myself thinking about teaching all the time, talking about teaching until I am blue in the face. I think it is a good thing- although my family may disagree!

Teaching is such a special career to embark on. As I reflect on my practice I wonder if I have done enough? Should I have paid more attention to those university professors who stood in front of me reminding us constantly what an amazing journey we will have, and how they have little insights and ideas that will help us on our way?

I have come to the realisation, that I do not have all the answers, I don’t, and although I would like to know everything, I never will. But if I have the passion to continue keep reaching for the knowledge and finding interesting ways to express it and teach it to my students. I might do ok.


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