How do I become the ‘right’ drama teacher?

Have you ever wanted something so much you feel like you could have burst?

For the past four years I have wanted to be a teacher. Going from class to class imagining myself in the role I became attached the type of teacher I wanted to become. I found myself changing to ‘fit’ to a cliché image of a Drama teacher. As I sit at the end of my degree with a semester to go I look back on my journey and wonder if this is right?

Sometimes in theatre you become a character, and from my experience in the theatre I have been a mad woman, a mum lost in her way and a supressed lesbian, and I wonder if I can be the drama teacher I want to be.

Drama is very much a subject that a student chooses to be in for a reason. It could be to allow their dramatic side shine, to try something different, because their friends are doing it or to increase their self-confidence. So there are many types of students to cater to and take on this journey.

I wonder how teachers do this? Did they struggle like I am now?

I know as a student and a teacher I will continue to learn, continue to question myself, I hope along the way I feel comfortable in the unfamiliar.


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